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Kennel Nimblenixin is a homekennel located in Kirkkonummi.

First jackrusselterrier Axu came to our family 2008. Realizing how fantastic
these Jack Russell´s are, we could not keep learning more about them. So here  we are. Axu and his halfbrother Domi are world best Personal Trainers  to Pekka’s Sister taking her out for a walk several times during the day!

With Axu we noticed that Jackrussellterrier is clever, active, and nimble dog. Its character includes a bucketfull of temper and a drop of stubbornness. As a race jackrussellterrier is a multi-function dog with whom you can practice agility, obidience and compete in dog shows.

Jackrussell is an outstanding family dog, being a happy, active and very affectionate dog.

We have previously had german shepards and the name Nimblenixin is a tribute to our Nixi. She was active, fast lerner, witty and nimble to the end at the age of 12. Right now at home we have jackrussellterrierboy Kössi and russelgirl Pyry. Our dogs live as family members sharing our daily life.



Nixi and Axu  2009


Updated  25.6.2021





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